Splendor Plus Gift Pack


Cookware Set Consists of 18Pcs
The cookware set is made up of Korean Technology in Die-Cast & Ceramic Coating.
Dome shaped lids are specially designed to collect the steam together and then drop back to the pot so during cooking, the water completes the cycle inside.
All the woks, pots & pans have steel lids
ECO Friendly
Chemical Free Natural Coating
Free from Side Effects
Dishwasher Safe
Helper Handle
Pure cast Iron

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This 18-piece cookware set is made with Korean technology and features a die-cast and ceramic coating that is eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-stick. The dome-shaped lids are specially designed to collect steam and distribute it evenly throughout the pot, resulting in healthy and flavorful cooking. The set also includes a helper handle for easy lifting, and all of the pieces are dishwasher safe.

Here are some of the key features of the Splendor Plus Gift Pack:

  • Made with Korean technology in die-cast and ceramic coating
  • Eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-stick
  • Dome-shaped lids for even heat distribution
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Helper handle for easy lifting
  • Pure cast iron

This cookware set is perfect for anyone who wants to cook healthy, delicious meals without sacrificing convenience. It is also a great gift for any occasion.

Here are some additional details about the features of the Splendor Plus Gift Pack:

  • The die-cast construction makes the cookware strong and durable, while the ceramic coating is non-stick and easy to clean.
  • The dome-shaped lids help to trap steam and moisture, which helps to cook food evenly and prevent it from sticking to the pan.
  • The helper handle makes it easy to lift heavy pots and pans, even when they are full of hot food.
  • The pure cast iron construction makes the cookware heat evenly and retain heat well, which is ideal for searing, frying, and braising.